Wing Tips with a Bit of Bling

So, last week I was so pissed off at Red Wing Shoe store because, even though they’ve been available for months, my local store decided not to carry women’s Iron Rangers I went to DSW and spent a lot of money. Besides Steve Madden Ciomi Combat Boots (maybe a later post) I bought these extremely comfortable Børn Binn wing tips in Tobacco.

They’re already snazzy with a wool fabric design on the side but I wanted to push it just a bit more. Here are the shoes pre-polish:
Born Binn Oxfords - Pre Polish

Adding the Bling Factor

  • I conditioned the shoes and gave most of the upper a light polish with Meltonian brown shoe polish paste.
  • I wanted to make the tips stand out so I took just a little bit of my Dr. Marten’s cherry polish and applied that just to the toe cap area and polished with a horsehair brush lightly sprinkled with water. I repeated the toe cap polishing two more times to get a high shine.
  • I used a scrap of panty hose to lightly brush each show all over to bring out that last bit of shine.

Here’s the end result. I’m pretty happy with them.

Born Binn Oxfords - Polished

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