Quick Shine to Johnston and Murphy Oxfords

Here’s a pair of 5+ year old Johnston and Murphy men’s black oxfords. They’re very well kept, right down to the wood shoe stretcher inside each shoe.

All these oxfords needed was a quick clean-condition-shine to remove some scuffs and dust. The black and white image helps show the scuffs a bit better than a color image…

Black Johnston and Murphy Oxfords - Pre-Shine

Here’s a detail of the toe area prior to the shine…

Black Johnston and Murphy Oxfords - Pre-Shine Detail


A low intensity shine was brought about on these smooth leather oxfords with these steps:

  • A quick cleaning with Saddle Soap, a dauber, and a little tin of water. The soap was wiped off with a clean rag and a toothbrush to get into the tight places.
  • Conditioning with Venetian Shoe Cream. (That’s what I had with me but I could also have used Lenox conditioner or Huberd’s Shoe Grease.) This was rubbed in with a clean rag.
  • Black Meltonian shoe polish paste was applied and shined with a dry rag and then a dry horsehair brush. The paste helps condition while deepening the color.
  • A light application of Lincoln shoe polish wax, brushed in with a horsehair brush very lightly misted with water.
  • A final shine was brought out with a a good rub all over with a scrap of pantyhose.

Black Johnston and Murphy Oxfords - Post-Shine

This shine should last anywhere from two to four weeks depending on wear. A quick brushing with a lightly misted horsehair brush will keep the shoes looking great between full shines.
Black Johnston and Murphy Oxfords - Post-Shine Detail

Supplies Used


  • Kiwi Saddle Soap
  • Dauber / Applicator
  • Toothbrush
  • Container for water
  • Nitrile gloves for protection / application
  • Venetian Shoe Cream
  • Kiwi Horsehair brush
  • Buffing cloth (a strip of an old cotton T-shirt can also be used)
  • Meltonian shoe polish paste – black
  • Lincoln shoe polish wax – black (Kiwi can also be used but since Kiwi is a softer wax it doesn’t produce as high a shine as Lincoln.)
  • Pantyhose
  • Water spray bottle (Not pictured)


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