Yup. You Can Paint Leather

Painted Brown Shoes

I didn’t like the look of these plain brown and plain black shoes, and the brown ones weren’t taking polish well. So I ordered some Acrylic paints from Angelusdirect.com and painted them. The paint is mixable, flexible, and dries quickly. I’m pretty happy with the overall results. BEFORE AFTER    

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Why Clean New Stuff?

I bought a brand new leather wrist cuff at a #PrideMonth event last week. It’s a deep brown with buckles and rings and stuff and ooh, I love it! The first thing I did when I got it home though was clean it. WHY CLEAN SOMETHING THAT’S BRAND NEW? Just because leather shoes, cuffs, belts, and what have you are […]

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Beautiful Bass Tassels

I got to revive a couple of nice Bass tassel loafers this past weekend. They’re identical pairs except one is black and the other burgundy.  Since they’re made of smooth leather I gave them a bit of a shine after the standard cleaning and conditioning. BEFORE STEPS Clean with Saddle soap Condition – I’m trying a different product this time: […]

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Abused Boots!

Cracked leather boots

These are lightly worn, eight year old smooth leather combat boots. They’ve been polished all over with a wax polish but have never been conditioned. That’s two mistakes that makes these boots goners. Note the peeled-away leather in the first picture and the significant cracking in the second. These boots would probably still look good if: They were periodically cleaned […]

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Anatomy of a Boot

Counter? Vamp? Welt? Huh?? No, they’re not fancy words from some cheesy romance novel. Well… maybe they are… BUT, they’re also some terms used to describe the anatomy of a boot. See the picture and definitions below for more detail.     Counter – Stiff material at the rear of the boot that helps maintain shape and strengthens the boot. […]

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REVIEW: Red Wing 2326 6″ Boot

Red Wings Purchased July 2016

REVIEW: Red Wing 2326 6″ Boot Rating: EXCELLENT My Red Wing 2326 6″ boots (purchased July 2016) are the first work boots on which I spent more than $150, and I couldn’t be happier with them! While I wear them primarily for light duty or just street wear, I have pressed them into heavy yard service several times and they’ve […]

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