Quick Shine

Quick Shine - before
Have a pair of boots that needs a bit of spiff but you’re running out the door?

If you already have a shoeshine brush with some previously used polish on it (of the same color!) you should be good to go! Just lightly mist, or add a few drops of water to the brush and buff the boots especially on the toe and heel. That should give you a quick and not-so-dirty look in about a minute.

Quick Shine - before

Quick Shine – before

Quick Shine - after

Quick Shine – after

Alternative (But Use Cation)

You CAN use the quick shine sponges, like Kiwi Express Shine, but there’s debate in the shoe shine world about whether or not the silicon in these products harm your shoes. I’m playing it safe and staying away from it — at least for the boots I want to last more than two years.

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