Beautiful Bass Tassels

I got to revive a couple of nice Bass tassel loafers this past weekend. They’re identical pairs except one is black and the other burgundy. ┬áSince they’re made of smooth leather I gave them a bit of a shine after the standard cleaning and conditioning.


Burgundy Tassels - Before

Black Tassels - Before

  • Clean with Saddle soap
  • Condition – I’m trying a different product this time: Huberd’s Shoe Oil (not the heavier duty Shoe Grease). It’s a bit messy but a little goes a long way.
  • Polish – I used my new Angelus black wax polish — which I LOVE! — for the black shoes and I used Kiwi Cordovan for the Burgundy shoes but only because I don’t have Burgundy (Cordovan?) in Angelus (yet).


Burgundy Tassels - After
Black Tassels - After

I love the shine thrown off by the tassels and flaps!

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