High Shine For Bates GX-8 Boots

Bates GX8 Post Cover

I got to bring these side zip Bates back to life via some conditioning with Venetian Shoe Cream and a high shine with layers, and layers, of Lincoln wax polish.

How do you get a high (glossy) shine?

It’s all about the layers…

A. Spread a LIGHT coat of wax polish over the toe area of the boot. (It’s usually just the Toe Cap that receives the high shine but sometimes the Vamp as well.) Lincoln is a good wax to use because it’s a harder wax than others such as Kiwi brand.
B. Spray LIGHTLY with water
C. Rub a shoe buffing cloth and/or a horsehair brush in rapid back and forth motions over the polish to create friction and heat which melts the wax to the leather
D. Do this multiple times and after several coats you should begin to see a shine build up. Repeat until you’ve created the desired shine. It could take eight, ten, or more layers to get to a mirror-like shine.
E. To bring out the best shine buff the polished area with a clean scrap of panty hose

Bates GX8 Before

Boots before cleaning


Bates GX8 Ready For Polish

Cleaned and conditioned


Bates GX8 Initial Polish

After two coats of polish


Bates GX8 Done

Finished boots after seven polish coats


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