Basic and Intermediate Boot Care Kits

Conditioning Kit

This is all you’ll need to get going cleaning, conditioning, and polishing your boots yourself.



  • Saddle Soap
  • Dauber to apply soap
  • Toothbrush – to get soap out of grooves
  • Container of water – to mix with soap to get frothy mix on dauber
  • Rag, such as an old washcloth, to remove soap after cleaning
Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit


  • Conditioner, such as Huberd’s. In general, I try to stay with beeswax-based conditioners, and away from Mink Oil which some say blocks leather pores
  • Rag (or bare hands) to apply conditioner.
  • Cream Polish instead of conditioner. This is more of an Intermediate than a Basic kit item. It can be used in place of conditioner in order to deepen the color of your boots/shoes. It isn’t wax-based so it doesn’t clog pores.
Conditioning Kit

Conditioning Kit


  • Water bottle to spritz water as needed on rags and/or brush
  • Rags to apply polish
  • Horsehair brush to buff polish
  • Wax polish. A hard wax polish, such as Lincoln, gives a great high shine.
Polishing Kit

Polishing Kit


Miscellaneous Items

  • Suede brush kit to clean suede and nubuck
  • Extra laces
  • A “magic” scrub sponge like Mr. Clean MagicEraser. It works great on Chucks and other sneakers.
  • Pantyhose. For real. This probably should be in the Basic/Polish kit section. It brings out that last bit of shine.
  • Edge dressing to deepen the color of soles and heels
Miscellaneous Kit

Miscellaneous Kit

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